Same product, attractive packaging will boost your sales

If there are 2 identical items of the similar quality, price or taste- which one do you think will sell more. The one with the plain packaging or colorful creative packaging? It is almost always the one with the more beautiful packaging or design would sell better. Generally hypermarkets would often have their own products [...]

Crafters/Artists: Should you allow customers to watch you work?

If you are a crafter operating your own business, do you allow your customers to watch how create your pieces? Or do you feel uncomfortable in revealing your secrets or your skills for fear that it would be copied by others? When people walk by bazaar or craft stores- many would stop to watch the [...]

Table calendars as an effective marketing tool for your business

I believe that your business would benefit tremendously if you consider giving out free calendars to your customers. Especially well designed and useful table calendars. However, I am not advocating that you eat into your already limited budget by giving it out totally free….. you can use this as a strategy to improve your sales [...]

Wall painting, art and statues in Survanabhumi airport, Bangkok

Survanabhumi airport art painting

When you arrive in Bangkok via Survanabhumi airport, do take time to admire cultural wall art, painting, flower arrangements and statues. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived in Survanabhumi airport to be greeted by the various cultural wall paintings: There are paintings such as above decorating the walls as you enter the main building [...]

Offering food in cute mini sizes to increase sales

Mini ice cream

If you are selling food or desserts, consider offering them in small bite chunk sizes with more variety. This would potentially encourage customers to buy more of your items in order to enjoy the different flavors because mini sizes does not look so overwhelming. Let’s take an example of an ice cream seller selling ice [...]