Offering food in cute mini sizes to increase sales

Mini ice cream

If you are selling food or desserts, consider offering them in small bite chunk sizes with more variety. This would potentially encourage customers to buy more of your items in order to enjoy the different flavors because mini sizes does not look so overwhelming. Let’s take an example of an ice cream seller selling ice [...]

Miniature craft/ fridge magnets on local dishes

Miniature Thai dishes decoration

If your country is well known for its gourmet and food, you can come out with miniature versions of these dishes in the form of decorative items and fridge magnets to be sold at craft bazaars, online or at tourist spots. Example is at Amphawa floating market in Thailand, where famous local Thai dishes are [...]

Playing with Lego or building blocks builds creativity and calm

Building blocks similar to Lego

Nowadays children are often glued to their electronic devices playing stimulating games or watching videos. The state of mind is not the same between playing video games and involved in a craft project or creating something or building something out of Lego blocks. When we try to build things using blocks, it can help to [...]

Different way to paint/decorate your lips- Art of Lips by MAC

While getting down to KLIA airport, I am greeted by this huge poster that is being put up by MAC on The Art of Lip. It is interesting that there is lip art and you can have your lips painted in all sorts of creative ways: The above consists of different compilation of lips of [...]

Face portrait painting at a mall

There is a shop located in Sunway Pyramid (in front of Kenny Rogers Roasters) that does face portrait painting. The portrait of different people with expressions are being displayed around the booth. On the day I went, a lady was painting a face from a photo in a laptop. In the age of digital photographs, [...]