The most beautiful cupcake designs you can find: Cuppacakes

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Update in 2017: A lot has changed since Cuppacake begin from Blogspot and had cupcakes collection at Bangsar. Now they have a number of branches available in the Klang Valley.

Cuppacakes are a collection of cupcakes that you can order- and collect. The Cuppacake story is truly inspiring.  I remember about 2 years ago, my colleagues were excitedly talking about cupcakes- you get to select from a rich variety of designs, then you call and place your order and then collect from a place in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur from the various locations in their branches listed in their site: .

Order and collection time is clearly specified in their official site,

Some, instead of having cakes during birthday and wedding celebrations, have chosen to provide cupcakes instead of cakes. The reason is because cupcakes can be individually decorated- and collectively, they  make a mouthwatering sight. Furthermore, you can just take one without worrying about damaging others. Whereas if a particular guest do not know how to cut a cake properly, the cake ended up looking unappetizing.

The owners are really creative people, as they are graphic artists who channel their creative energy into cupcake designs. They also branch up to other modes of design like designing store front, etc. Now, they have their own stores.

Many others have tried to copy cuppacake’s ideas- however, only very few can match up because the partners at Cuppacakes are really committed in their work. Furthermore, the collective creative energies from the 6 friends cum business partners enable them to continually evolve and produce better designs.  I always follow their site as I find that it is an inspiration.

Like the bubble tea, cupcakes are something of a trend- in order to remain operational in business, the company must have good reputation, built a consistent loyal following, and branch out to other modes of business. I see that Cuppacakes is able to do all that. Well done! You are truly an inspiration.

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