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Etsy New Guidelines effective 30 Jul 19 effecting small crafters

Craft Stores
Miniature Thai dishes decoration

Etsy recently announced a new guidelines that is to take effect 30 July 2019 where their  search algorithm for products listed in US would favor sellers that offer free shipping for total purchase of USD35 and above. This new regulation would put a strain on small time creators and crafters who are barely making enough [...]

Face portrait painting at a mall

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There is a shop located in Sunway Pyramid (in front of Kenny Rogers Roasters) that does face portrait painting. The portrait of different people with expressions are being displayed around the booth. On the day I went, a lady was painting a face from a photo in a laptop. In the age of digital photographs, [...]

Creative display using items on sale

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Toy store display

A store can really make use of their glass display to showcase the items that they are selling. These items, arranged neatly, sometimes with themes can really attract visitors to their store. One inspiring display is from Daiso whereby they would have glass as part of their store boundaries and then display all their items [...]

Printed Handphone skin covers

Art, Craft Stores

This little kiosk – no longer operational the last I checked was selling handphone skin covers: What they do is that they have a lot of different handphone cover designs in which they display on a huge photo album. You go through the huge array of pictures and select the design you like. And tata…..the [...]