Christmas or festive gifts- make your own gift baskets or hampers

Gift Wrapping

make-your-own-chrismas-basketChristmas is approaching the corner and is now to shop for Christmas gifts. If you intend to give a gift basket to your friends/family, why not assemble one yourself rather than buying it off the stores or ordering online?

The creative part of you would of course want to personalise your own gift basket and hampers. It is fulfilling and the advantages are:

  • you know your friend/family’s taste better than the standarized ones from the stores.
  • you can try your hand and designing and who knows, you can start taking orders part time once you perfect your craft and make beautiful baskets
  • if it is foodstuff, at least you can be sure that the items are not nearing expiry dates
  • the cost is usually much cheaper than buying a ready-made one.

The cons are:

  • it’s time consuming- you have to go shopping for items
  • the basket/hamper may turn out looking a bit ameteurish during the first initial few times- especially if you have to learn it yourself.


Learning through videos from YouTube

There are free videos available from YouTube that can help you hone in your gift wrapping skills. For instance, you can watch the following videos:

These videos also provide ideas on what kind of items to feature in gift baskets for different personalities.

Learning through free online articles

How to make gift baskets

 Another idea is to visit gift delivery and online florist to get more ideas and designs. However, you would need to have the basics first in making gift baskets or hampers before you can apply the ideas.

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