Mini chocolate and candies gift bag that you can make yourself

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We used to make goodie bags in the past for our department on each festive period (Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas)… well not us but we usually would engage the new staff during their break time to help out.

As the goodie bags were for about 200 pax, we had to use a production line method.

Our method is to lay out all items on the table and then each staff would be positioned at different sections to put different candies/goodies into the bag. At the end, one staff would tie up the finished goodie bag and place then into a basket or a huge container.

It is fun and therapeutic to make such goodie bags.

This handmade chocolate goodie bag makes a cute gift for a friend. You can replace the contents with mixture of sweets, candies and chocolates.

In the package below, Cadbury Diary milk is the main chocolate being used as it is in purple theme to match the purple rose. A few Ferrore Rocher are added inside to give a nice gold theme.


The entire goodie bag is wrapped using black organza cloth- to give that semi transparent feel.

Here is a nice video I found in YouTube that teaches how to make a goodie bag- in the video below, it is party goodie bags of the Princess theme with candies. So inspiring!

There is another video too on wrapping goodie bags. The video is very cute as the mom is engaging her daughter to help her with the goodie bags- it is great mom-daughter engagement. Finally, the mother wrapped up the goodie bags in ribbons after it has been finished.

The video below shows the goodie bags in a different version:

Enjoy 🙂


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