Rojak seller making dough figurines in his spare time


No matter how busy you are, you can always find time to indulge in your hobby or pursue your interest as shown in the article below on a famous Rojak seller in Penang called Khor Ewe Hock who made dough figurines for 50 years n his free time:

Khor operates his rojak store from noon to 6pm everyday except Sundays- and there is a lot of time required to be spend on the food preparation (preparing the rojak sauce, cutting the fruits, roasting the peanuts, etc). Despite all that, he can still find time to make his dough figurines.

It is self taught- after he was inspired by the dough art produced by Shanghainese artists who came to Penang to demostrate the art when he was just 15 years old. Now, he makes figurines of Doremon, Pokemon, Monkey King, God of War, The Eight Immortals, etc. According to Khor, a lot of concentration is required and the figures have to be made quickly or else the dough would dry very fast.

Identify your interest and find your own hobby- you can just devote a little time few times a week and eventually, you would be amazed at the results. If one of the famous rojak seller with no stop customers can find time to perfect his skills of dough figurines, surely we would be able to spare sometime for ourselves to indulge in what we enjoy ūüôā

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Note: I managed also to locate his Facebook page here, but the page mainly is promoting his rojak:

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