Flower bouquet using plastic flowers

Flowers, Gift Wrapping

Plastic flowers would be evergreen – the flowers does not wilt and can be kept in display for a long time. There are more and more people who prefer to have plastic flowers than real flowers.

If you look at the bouquet below, all the flowers are made from plastic, wrapped with ribbons and placed inside a box. Such flowers can be placed on display and the box with clear casing would protect it from dust.

Plastic flowers that look like real

When buying the plastic flowers, ensure that the plastic flowers used are of good quality. The cheap plastic flowers would make the bouquet look, well, cheapskate. While expensive plastic flowers would make the gift look classy.

Below is a picture of a flower bouquet made using plastic purple flowers. By buying better quality flowers to make the bouquet,  the flowers look real and what’s more, it can last – till perhaps it got too dusty to be cleaned.


The artificial flowers are wrapped using purple decorative flower wrappers. Each flowers are wrapped individually. In the middle column, teddy bears or chocolates can be placed there.

Finally the most outer layer consist of sky blue wrapper that come in a few colour hues. I found this bouquet of flower lying on top of the piano in someone’s house- placed with other memorablia.

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