Tips and creative ideas to decorate your diary and planner

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I have spent hours watching the various videos in YouTube that teaches on decorating one’s planner.

If you plan to decorate your planner, it can really take up heaps of your time- but the end result would give you the inspiration to plan and then check on the planner each time. Checking on the planner and updating it determines whether you can successfully use and stick to a planner.

Here are some videos that I find inspirational that I want to embedd on my blog so that I can refer back to them again in future (and hopefully it would be useful for you too):

Vasseur Beauty Channel

I really love Britney’s videos because of the creative presentation and that her personality is very down to earth and humble. At the same time she offers clear explanation and give good reasons why she chooses to do something a certain way.

She also highlighted an issue that lefties face with ring banners because it constrict one’s writing. I do visit her channel often for a lot of her organization and cleaning videos.

There is also another video on bullet journalling:

She also adopt bullet journalling- I use a similar method when making notes of changes and implementation to my blogs (to keep track of changes, enhancements, experiments and strategies) even though I did not get round to indexing the pages.

Decorating the planner:

There is a beginner way on how to decorate the planner.

She also shared on the decorative tools like washi tapes and pens that she is using for her planner.

Microscope Beauty Channel

Planning 101: What You Need to Get Started With Planner Decorating

I love looking at the decoration in her planners. She is very practical such as saying that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to customize the covers.

Planning 101: What You DON’T Need

She also shared with what items that you do not need based on the mistakes she has made. Some are a lot of notepads and sticky notes (she learnt after having a drawerful of sticky notes and notepads- but her sticky notes are really beautiful).  She also did not colour co-ordinating her posts- because honestly, I also bought a lot of pens thinking to colour coordinate but find it real troublesome.

In the end, I am referring to useful notes that I jot down in my books.

Seventeen Channel

I just discovered this channel and like the detailed way she present her videos and the rich array of information and tips that she provides. The above video she addressed the challenges of bullet journalling by using the new products that has now consists of a hybrid between a planner and bullet journalling.

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