Do you need to invest in fancy or coloured pens to sparkle your creativity?

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Some folks may say that what difference does it make between writing using a 50 cents pen vs a $4 or $10 pen?

After all, the purpose of a pen is to get words written on a piece of paper or a book. Any pen can achieve that purpose rite?

Since end of last year, I am more serious into planning my personal life.  I have also start to consciously track my expenses and do budgeting (in the past, I just spend without tracking which I realize now is causing me to run into a deficit).

All this involves planning and discipline in recording down in paper.

And for me…. the kind of pens that I use matters. Writing using pens that I love, and in my favourite colours really make a difference.

Pens and stationeries

Clockwise from left (some of my stationery that I use):
1. Inexpensive pilot ball pen 0.7mm – useful for writing down notes and jotting down long passages, example from books.

2. Pental Metallic Purple pen (the colour that comes out is in lilac which is one of my favourite colours). It costs me RM3.90 (less than USD1).

3. Pilot gel pens in magenta and brown

4. Pilot Frixion pens in pink and purple (they cost RM6.90 each/ about USD1.7)

5. Pilot mechanical lead pencil (0.7mm). I have previously bought coloured mechanic lids but found that the writing is not clear enough

6. Rulers causing me RM1.50 (less than 40 cents) from Mr DIY

7. Washi tapes RM2.90 (around 70 cents)  from Mr DIY

In fact, recently I also dug around my drawers and found that viola…. I actually had more coloured pens that I had previously bought.

Why using coloured pens made a difference

My mind get inspired and motivated by colours. If I just write using an ordinary ball point pen, I would soon drop out of planning and have the discipline to diligently record down my expenses.

Through using a variety of coloured pens, and sometimes drawing shapes with the pink rulers, it made a lot of difference- I have been diligently recording down my expenses, planning my meals and updating my activities and appointments. And I go back to my diary few times a day because it feels nice to open it.

I do not use a lot of stickers or washi tapes- as I would rather be blogging than to decorate my planner. Basically I only use it to cover up some errors (example I once got an appointment on the wrong date which I already written down on my diary using a pen).

My favourite pens are the Pilot Frixion pens and the Pental metallic purple pen. The Pilot Frixion pens are useful for jotting down things on a calendar or planner.

I find in previous years when I wrote using pencil, it does not appeal to me to look at it. I did get the coloured lids for my mechanical pencil but the colours are too light (pink, purple and green) that they fade quickly.

Whereas when I use a usual pen, I would end up with a mistake which makes erasing with liquid paper or striking out totally spoiling my calendar/planner. Or I would get so afraid to write for ‘getting the format wrong’.

The Frixion pens are great because if I made a mistake in planning or I suddenly felt there is a better format and I wish to redo, I can just erase it off. And plans can change easily or appointments get moved to different dates hence I find using the Frixion pens to be real handy. With the Frixion pens, I have gotten started in dilligently updating my calendar of important dates for the entire year.

However if you plan to use frixion pens, you need to take note that the ink of the pen would fade with high temperature. Therefore if you leave your book or planner in your car parked under the hot sun, your writings may just vanish!

The ink can reappear after you put the book or paper in the fridge but whatever you have erased would also come back up.

Therefore, in choosing to use a Frixion pen, I am aware of this and would not put out my planner or diary in high temperature. Mainly my diary, planner and calendar are kept at home.

Note: It is strange, but during my corporate time, coloured pens do not work for me. I would just use ball point pens to write down tasks/  meetings and do not decorate my work diary. Coloured pens are applicable for my personal life to help sparkle my creativity.


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