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I started this site in June 2009, originally to showcase and share on places, artists and other creatives who I find inspiring.

In this site, I would write about sights, crafts, surroundings and places that inspired creativity within.

About me

Growing up in a traditional family with both parents working, I was taught to be practical and to study courses and work in a practical secured job. My education years were perpetual nightmare because I basically had to study, memorise and then ‘throw out’ the facts in the textbook. I struggled because my brain does not work like most other people do because I also have strong ADHD symptoms.

I never explored my creativity- and I am very bad in drawing and painting during my high school. However when I was 19 years old, totally stressed out from preparing for my pre university examination, the creativity that I never thought I had came to the rescue and kept me sane.

My best friend’s mother had some beautiful beaded hairclips. I absolutely adored them- not because I wanted to use them but because I wanted to learn how to make them. I asked to borrow them and then got straight to making my own beaded hairclips. I learnt through studying the samples that were provided to me. I got myself some metal barrettes, fishing thread and beads ….then started creating beaded hairclips of my own. Eventually I made in different colours and designs of my own. I made and gave them to my mom (who had shoulder length hair which she often tie up) and to friends.

Doing these craft work kept me sane. The creativity involved also spilled over and helped me in my study. Instead of memorizing texts (which my brain just can’t), I learned to be creative when it came to learning. Eventually my results were good enough to get me into a local university to pursue my degree. Again I adopted creative methods to studying that enabled me to graduate.

Allowing myself to explore my creativity has helped me tremendously in my life and career. Being creative is not only for someone who wish to make a living as an artist or crafter. I believe we can still build a successful career from the creative energy within us even from the corporate world and joining others in the rat race.

Because of my interest in crafts, I went on the internet to visit craft forums and sites. Being inspired by the websites of these artists, I started my own site to feature my own craft works as well. I had no knowledge in building sites and had to learn on my own but my intense interest to share helped me figure out things pretty quickly.

My initial dream then was to become a crafter. But when mass produced made in China products started flooding the market, many crafters were no longer able to sustain full time living from making crafts… all these were actively discussed in craft forums. Eventually, because I saw that I could not sustain through making crafts, my interest shifted to building my own blogs and writing content.

Through understanding the internet, I was able to request my bosses to transfer me to their online support team where I spent 18 months doing nothing but replying customers’ emails all day. Eventually my boss custom-made a job for me that enables me to do what I love…. managing intranets and communication which I did for the next 10 years of my career. I worked with a lot of limitation but was able to find solutions through using my creativity. While holding my corporate job, I also build blogs on the side.

In 2017, I resigned from my corporate job to become a full time caregiver for my mom. At the same time, I use the extra time to start to blog again. You can view the full listing of all my blogs at https://yinteing.com.

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Have a great day and let your creativity flow.

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