Hair Assessories

Using dessert or food as a theme for hairclips

Hair Assessories
Food themed hairclips

Actually you can use anything to decorate your hairclip creations. The most common items being used are beads and ribbons. But have you thought of using food based items as the decorating items of the hairclip? When I was young, there was a trend where real food such as biscuits and coloured chips, painted with [...]

Ribbon roses hair combs

Hair Assessories, ribbons

 Made quite a number of ribbon roses- stitched to hair combs as below. I bought the hair combs in bulk and I have lots of ribbon roses of different colours. So stitch them to the combs.   Another one is the hair pins as per below:   To make one like that would take me [...]

Mass Produced Custom Jewelry and Accessories

Hair Assessories, Jewelry

Well, it’s a tough world for crafters out there… to compete with mass produced items: This problem began about 10 years ago or more. See the items above, below is the pricing that it is sold in a local night market. Of course, the quality of item may not be good- but consumers nowadays prefer [...]

Why I let go my dream of becoming a crafter

Hair Assessories

I’ve fell in love with crafts for a long time. When I was studying for a very important exam, we were all so stressed. My Pure Mathematics teacher used to waltz into class wearing hair decorations from Evita Peroni.  That time, ribbon roses hair clips were very fashionable and the hair clips were very expensive. [...]