flower arrangement

Creative flower arrangements


During important Buddhist days like Wesak Day (Visakha Bucha) and Makha Bucha Day, there would be beautiful flower arrangements being offered to the Buddha. Here are some flower arrangements from a monastery in Thailand: Here are some pictures of some flower arrangement taken at a temple: I would be compiling different flower arrangement photos when [...]

6 Different types of flower arrangement combinations

Flower arrangement roses, carnation, lavendar, daisy and foliage

At a temple, there were some flowers being presented to the Buddha statues. What I find interesting is that the florist, using the same combination of flowers (ie roses, lavendar, daisy, carnations and some foliage) were able to create 6 different type of flower arrangements. https://youtube.com/shorts/lj6cW4M-W8s Beauty is in the eye of the beholder- and [...]

Beautiful Orchid Garden

Orchid garden in Jenjarom

Below is a beautiful orchid garden located in Dong Chan Si in Jenjarom: Above are nice pick orchids. Pink and yellow orchids Purple, red and pink orchids. White, pink, yellow and purple orchids.  

Beautiful floral arrangements at Buddhist temples

Floral arrangement Kwan Inn Teng temple for Wesak

I came across some amazing and simply beautiful floral arrangements that have been set up by temples on Wesak Day recently. There is a lot of care, love, effort and creativity that goes into creating these beautiful flower arrangement. I took some pictures of these floral arrangements as they are so beautiful and inspiring. Kwan [...]

Flower bouquet using plastic flowers

Flowers, Gift Wrapping

Plastic flowers would be evergreen – the flowers does not wilt and can be kept in display for a long time. There are more and more people who prefer to have plastic flowers than real flowers. If you look at the bouquet below, all the flowers are made from plastic, wrapped with ribbons and placed [...]