How to secure fridge magnets so that it will not fall off

Fridge Magnets

 Do you find that sometimes, the magnets fall off the decoration after a while?  That is why I don’t really like to glue the magnets to the decorations- unless you are using super glue- but you may risk gluing your fingers.

Usually when I make fridge magnets, I do not glue- but I take the extra step to sew the magnet on whatever decorations that I am using. Below is some raw fridge magnets that I’ve managed to source after extensive sourcing (never give up and you can always find what you are looking for 🙂 )


The magnets has no hole punched in the middle. After trying to figure out how to secure the magnets to items that I want, I came out with this idea- using a cross stitch cloth:


All you need to do is to cut the cloth into small squares- then wrap around the magnet and sew the ends together. I use fishing thread to sew because it’s transparent.

Note: For magnets, you need to know that there are 2 sides- the side of the magnet that sticks to the fridge and the side that does not. You need to test it out to see which side sticks and which doesn’t. Then you sew it with the smooth side of the cloth on the magnet side and the side that you sewn on the non sticking side. The non sticking side is where you will sew your decorations to.

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