Example of a handmade fridge magnet

Fridge Magnets

Here’s an example of a fridge magnet that I’ve made:


I’ve use the wire hair claws- and then I bend it into a circle. Why I used the hair claws is because it helps me to stitch all components together with ease. At first, I sew the ribbon roses. Then I take a branch from a small wired Christmas tree and curl it into a heart shape (or what that looks vagued like a heart shape).  Some ribbons are sewn below the green Christmas tree. After that, the three ribbon roses (yellow, red and blue) are sewn on the green wire.

Finally the entire piece is attached to the wire hair claw- and both ends of the hair claw are bent together. Finally, the  magnet (wrapped in the blue cross stitch cloth) was sewn on the wire. 
I used the hair claws because I had initially purchased a dozen of them on an impulse buy and find that to sew beads to them requires a lot of work. And if I use it without any decoration, I would look like someone who came straight from a village in China. So I decided to put the wire claws into better use.

But you may also notice the picture of a miniature yellow hat (second picture) – it can replace the steel hair claws.  I bought them from the local stores selling sewing supplies.

When you sew the magnet on the cloth, then sew it on the decorative piece, the magnet will not come off easily. So your fridge magnets will last. A couple of fridge magnets that people have given to me actually fell off the fridge when I bang the fridge door too hard.

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