Ribbon roses fridge magnets

Fridge Magnets, ribbons

Because I love ribbon roses so much, I use them to make all sorts of crafts. Below are a few of the ribbon roses fridge magnets that I’ve made using inexpensive satin ribbons:


 Basically I just stitch the ribbon roses together and top off the sides with another lace ribbon.  After that, I stiched them to a magnet base.  To do that by hand, it will take more than one hour- I used the color combination of my favorite pastels.  The one above is my favorite.


 Above and below: Using different colour combinations.  You can adopt the fridge magnet to suit the background colour of your kitchen, work desk or wherever that you are putting these magnets on.


But a work of caution- ribbon roses absorbs dust and coloring from food. You can’t really wash them because the color from the satin ribbons may run. An option is to pack these little things, using plastic shrinkwrap perhaps to keep the dust out.

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