Inside a Living Cabin Store- selling gift items

 Living Cabin has many branches- there is a large store comprising of 3 floors located in front of Kota Raya in Petaling Street area, Kuala Lumpur. The one below is located inside a shopping complex:


Living Cabin sells all sorts of items/gifts/ memorablia imaginable like photo frame, money box, note books, stickers, craft kits, fridge magnets, festive items, artificial flowers, clocks, teddy bears, lights, stationeries and other decorative items.


 Above: The entrance- where Christmas items are being sold since Christmas is approaching.


Below: Decorative glass/ plastic containers. In front in the picture are hanging decorations that one can buy to hang at doors or windows.


Items here are mass produced- and one expect each store to sell similar items. The price is reasonable and when buying mass produced items, one can use a little creativity in mix and match the items so that its value increase. For example, decorative items can be added on photo frames or one can buy a complete set of cute stationery items and packaged it as a mini hamper.

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