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Mass Produced Custom Jewelry and Accessories

Hair Assessories, Jewelry

Well, it’s a tough world for crafters out there… to compete with mass produced items: This problem began about 10 years ago or more. See the items above, below is the pricing that it is sold in a local night market. Of course, the quality of item may not be good- but consumers nowadays prefer [...]

Inside a Living Cabin Store- selling gift items

Craft Stores

 Living Cabin has many branches- there is a large store comprising of 3 floors located in front of Kota Raya in Petaling Street area, Kuala Lumpur. The one below is located inside a shopping complex: Living Cabin sells all sorts of items/gifts/ memorablia imaginable like photo frame, money box, note books, stickers, craft kits, fridge [...]

Souvenir Kiosk in a Shopping Complex

Craft Stores

Here is a picture taken from a souvenir or gift kiosk located at Central Airport Plaza, Chiang Mai.  The items here are mass produced- and a lot of places sell such items. But if you can find these items in a lot of shops, then usually people would not be buying it a lot. When [...]

Decorative Porcelain Items-mass produced

Craft Stores

Here is a store selling items made from clay and porcelain in a small store by the highway from Bangkok to Chiang Mai: You can see there are figurines, hanging items, and other things like cutlery, cups, plates, bowls, garden decorative items like frogs and turtles. These items are mass produced- these items are common [...]