Creative Store Display Using Colors- to inspire customers to buy

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Displaying using an array of colours will attract attention of customers. Once the eye is attracted to the colour display, the customer’s imagination would run on the potential uses of the item.

That is why if it is a craft store, it should contain some samples of finished products arranged in the store display to inspire the potential customers.

Examples are shown below:

Creative colour display of textile

Above: Creative store display of cloth/textile of different colours and the type of traditional Indian dresses that can be made from it (found in Masjid Jamek area)

Whereas if you refer to the textile display in a store located nearby, where basically the textile are just stacked on top of one another…. it does not leave a lot to the imagination.

Textile store display

We cannot expect customers to be able to visualise the items… instead, we help by putting store display to show creative ways to make use of the item, or what is the finished product that can be made with the item.

Below are colourful ways to display towels in a hypermarket:

Colourful towel display by colour tones

The display is found in a corner area and it makes effective use of wall space.

Colourful towel display by colour tones

From the rich colours available, customers would be able to see at a glance the type of colours available and may even make a purchase of a towel of his/her favourite colours.

Below: Nail polish being arranged by colours:

Nail polish in colours

The store above only sell nail polish. When we see the nail polish being arranged systematically by colour tones, it is really eye catching. When looking, a customer would be able to imagine how certain colours would look on her nails.

Don’t you find that it is better compared to some stores, where they just chuck all the nail polish of different colours in a bin or basket where the customers have to pick up and look at each item.

Below:  Display of coloured hair bands in a night market.

Hair bands sorted in colors Hair bands sorted in colors

Usually such bands are bought in bulk where all the colours are mixed up together in a plastic bag. I have seen vendors basically just putting a bunch of mixed up colours and put in a basket for customers to select. However, the above, the seller took the effort to sort out each individual colours and put in separate sections.

I use hair bands and I always buy from this seller because I am able to see all in a tidy display at one glance. And I love looking at the different colour combinations available.

Therefore, if you are selling an assortment of items in different colours, it does help to arrange your items systematically – the finished arrangement would be inspiring and may prompt a customer to stop to look at the items.

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