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Ang Pau packet designs from Singapore banks

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Here are more ang pau packets design if you need ideas in designing ang pau packets. Nowadays more and more companies are giving out free ang pau packet designs. The challenging part is the designing – to come out with a design that is unique, eye catching and something that would be remembered. Above are [...]

More creative Ang Pow packet designs

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Creative ang pow packet designs

Below are some creative ideas for ang pau packet designs. Most designers would be commissioned to work on ang pau packet design for companies many months in advance. Hopefully some of the designs below would provide you with some ideas and inspiration. I am proud to say that our local ang pau packets are getting [...]

Local comic strips to decorate vacant lots in a mall

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Gila Gila comic cartoons at Paradigm mall

Given the current economic situation, it may not be possible to have 100% occupancy in a mall. In the past, I see many vacant lots to just be covered in a huge white board. I like what Paradigm mall is doing for vacant lots- where they have injected some creativity by placing boards of scenery, [...]