Creative Store Display Using Colors- to inspire customers to buy

Marketing Tool
Colourful towel display by colour tones

Displaying using an array of colours will attract attention of customers. Once the eye is attracted to the colour display, the customer’s imagination would run on the potential uses of the item. That is why if it is a craft store, it should contain some samples of finished products arranged in the store display to [...]

Colorful items around us

Creative Life

Combinations of colors around us can be an inspiration….. Above: Colorful jossticks placed at Khao Kitchakut, Thailand Above: Colorful candles before prayers- each color denotes a different day of birth (Monday- Sunday)  Above: Colorful chopsticks taken at Chiang Mai airport

How to find inspiration in color combinations for your designs

Craft Tips

Everything around you can be an inspiration in your creative products. Product advertisement in the papers, billboards, magazines will give you lots of ideas on the colours you can use. Years ago, I bought 2 Color Harmony books. Color Harmony contains ideas on combinations of colors that you can use. At the back, there are [...]

A way to store your satin ribbon collection


I’ve written in an earlier article that a toolbox is an excellent way to store your satin ribbons. You can arrange them according to color tones. I’ve acquired the ribbons through the years- and those exclude ribbons that I’ve finished using because I’ve lost count of how many ribbon roses that I’ve sewn. You can [...]