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Offering food in cute mini sizes to increase sales

Creative Advertising, Edible Cuties
Mini ice cream

If you are selling food or desserts, consider offering them in small bite chunk sizes with more variety. This would potentially encourage customers to buy more of your items in order to enjoy the different flavors because mini sizes does not look so overwhelming. Let’s take an example of an ice cream seller selling ice [...]

Creative display using items on sale

Craft Stores, Creative Advertising
Toy store display

A store can really make use of their glass display to showcase the items that they are selling. These items, arranged neatly, sometimes with themes can really attract visitors to their store. One inspiring display is from Daiso whereby they would have glass as part of their store boundaries and then display all their items [...]

Creative Google Logos

Creative Advertising

I use Google each time I go online as it is a truly effective search engine. And certain days, one would be greeted by a plesant surprise by the cute designs made into the word of “Google”. Following are 2 that I managed to spot in February 2011: For full listing of Google Doodles, check out [...]