Inexpensive & portable storage solution for your craft ribbons

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If you work with ribbons, like satin or floral ribbons, do you find storing them sometimes cumbersome? Do your ribbons get entangled and when you want to find them, it takes time to sort through the tangled mess before you can find what you are looking for?

In the past, I used to have a storage and retrival problem for my satin ribbon collection (I love satin ribbons and collect them because the basic designs are relatively inexpensive and comes in a rich variety of colours).  These ribbons would be all tangled up if not rolled back and put back in time.

One day, during a warehouse sale, I’ve found a simple solution to my woes:

Storing in a toolbox


The picture above is one of a toolbox- used to store hammers, nails, pliers, drills and other handiman’s equipment. Have you thought of using a toolbox to store your ribbons? Or for other suitable craft supplies?

Because satin ribbons are relatively light, you can buy a toolbox made of plastic from home improvement/DIY or stationery stores. Sometimes the price is quite low if there is an offer.


My own storage box for ribbons

Why using a toolbox is good:

1.  It  has compartments- or they open in 2 levels- the lower one can contain your ribbons. The upper portion or a smaller compartment can be used to store items you may need to work on your ribbons- needles, thread, some beads, etc.

2. It is portable and the contents are secured properly- most toolbox have a handle where you can close the box, secure it and carry it via a handle. It is so convenient- if you put in a normal steel box, all the ribbons may not fit inside or they may fall out if the box is not closed properly (normally in a toolbox there is a securing lid).

3. Keep the ribbons away from dusk and you have a one stop portable center to work on your stuff- complete with all the other sewing equipment.

4.  One look and you can see all your ribbons arranged neatly according to their color tones- that is provided you arrange your ribbons properly according to colour.

I’ve been using a toolbox to store my satin ribbons for years and till today, these ribbons are in good condition. Whatever you do, do not expose it to sun, moisture or dust.

stationerypinsPrevent ribbons from entangling to each other by using inexpensive stationery pins.

Securing each roll of cloth/satin ribbon using stationery pins such as the picture on your right is practical to prevent them from entangling to one another. If you just pick the ribbons and dump them in your box/container/drawer, these ribbons get entangled easily. You would waste valuable time trying to undo the knots.

Therefore, it is important to have the discipine to always roll back your ribbons and fasten them with a pin after you’re done with them. I bought a box of these stationery pins- that comes with assorted colours which I assign to my ribbons accordingly.

Personally, I am using the storage system that I’ve written above for years. It has help me to keep my ribbons organised and at one look, I am able to know what I have so that I do not end up buying the same roll that I already have. I hope this idea will be helpful to you too.

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