Sourcing for your craft supplies

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As you venture into crafting, which usually begins as a hobby, you would need to source for your materials.

Personally, I have not bought any craft supplies online. But sourcing for items has been a very interesting journey, equally as interesting as the hobby itself.

When we are constantly using the items, naturally we will need to find a supply store that sells items at the most reasonable price. Initially when I started crafting, shops like Bead Bar which are vintage beads sold at malls have all types of beads made available. But they’re expensive. If you only want to make one or two bracelet with your name or your friend’s name on it, then it’s okay to shop from there. If you plan to get more serious in the hobby, then you need to look further for supplies.

It’s likely that you cannot find a single store selling everything you need at the cheapest price. As you scout around, eventually you will end up locating different suppliers. In the past, I spent days during my off days scouting for suppliers- one time I was working in shifts and was off during weekdays- that time, I had lots of time to devote to my craft hobby then.

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