Beaded Hair Combs- mass produced vs handmade

When the first hand made stretchable double combs first came out, a lot of long hair ladies loved it. I remember the first ones I’ve seen was sold for RM29.90 via a craft bazaar.

The owner claimed he had handmade it himself, but later, exact duplicates were being seen all over the bazaars- which had me suspecting that in fact, those were one of the mass produced items bought from China. After all, it is difficult to find 2 beaded accessories that looked almost exactly alike and sold by different crafters.

Recently, I saw mass produced double beaded hair combs sold for RM10 for 2- there are 2 in a packet by a hardware shop:


Of course, beads of bad quality (with the colour fading) were being used to make the items and each packet looked the same. No one was buying the combs.

Mass produced items would lower the value of the original items even though you can get better bead quality. But a crafter who painsakingly produce the hair comb will find it hard to compete with these mass produced items. This is the reality- just like original clothing lines and handbags, there will be a lot of imitation out there.

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