How to make a ribbon rose photo frame

Beads, Craft Projects, ribbons

You can add beautiful finishing touches to wooden photo frames by gluing ribbon roses and beads on them.


The wooden photo frame below is from Ikea.

How to do it:

1.  Use the Uhu glue and glue some ribbons alongside the border covering the 4 angle of the frame.


2.  Then I sew some pink and purple ribbon roses (which was meant for a hairclip but then I realised I already had too many hairclips).  Sew the roses first, then once it’s finished only glue on the frame.

3. Add the shiny butterflies and any other items you want to use on the frame.

Note: Ribbon roses gather dusk easily when placed outside. And it will never look the same if you wash it- furthermore, the glue may come off.  The best will be to display the frame inside a glass cabinet- with a photo of your loved one, of course.

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