IKEA PYSSLA Beads- colourful and reasonably priced

Beads, Craft Projects

Going through IKEA, I noticed that they sell a huge jar of beads in assorted colours for only RM25.


As usual, there would be explanation and tips on what you can do with their items. The display section on the beads above shows:

  • Left side: The finished product
  • Right side: The raw materials- ie the beads


While the price tag reads:

PYSSLA Beads- Assorted Colours for RM35
Helps to develop fine motor ability, for example.

It also comes with the BM translation.

Being a person who have a soft spot for colorful beads, I can’t help but stop and look at the beads- but since I already got so much of beads at home brought from my childhood days, well, I relunctantly put the jar of beads back.

It’s difficult to find anywhere else that would sell plastic beads for such a low price of RM25- and it comes in so many colours. The beads can be used to make hairclips, decoration, beaded bags, and beaded doors- you know, the beads that dangle down at the door entrance. It can be a relatively inexpensive way to get your kids started on crafts project to develop their creativity function. Craft teachers can also purchase these items to be used in class.

Just some thots- since whenever I see colours, the mind would start visualising potential finished products.

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