Cupcake Making Toolkit for Kids

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Today at a bookstore, I saw some boxes consisting of cupcake making kit which is suitable for kids as a weekend craft project.  The toolbox is availabe only for RM32.90- prices now have definitely gone down compared to the initial cupcake craze.


In the box, there is a 40 page colourful book teaching you how to make cupcakes. Other items included are:

  • small icing bag
  • 4 types of icing tip designs
  • a small silicon tray

Back of the cupcake making kit

The kit provides all the main items needed as well as a simple How-to book that gives the recipe and steps to make cupcakes.  Even though if you get the book and ingredients separately, the price would probably come up to almost the same- and you would need to go to different places to look for different items.

Making how-to craft kits and packaging them used to be quite lucrative in the past, because these items are packaged attactively and they make good projects for your kids to develop their creativity. However, these kits are available at quite a reasonable price and they are mostly being sold in bookstores like MPH and Borders. Prices had gone down in order to remain competitive or probably to clear stocks.

The same company is also producing kits for:

  • Cookies making kit- with a 40 or 80 page book that claimed to teach you how to bake cookies looking like they are from cafes- aside from the book, some baking equipments like the cookie mould are provided
  • Beginners to Yoga- advocating the benefits of yoga for relaxation and stress relief
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