Craft Projects

Playing with Lego or building blocks builds creativity and calm

Craft Projects
Building blocks similar to Lego

Nowadays children are often glued to their electronic devices playing stimulating games or watching videos. The state of mind is not the same between playing video games and involved in a craft project or creating something or building something out of Lego blocks. When we try to build things using blocks, it can help to [...]

Used tyres as flower pots and natural fertilizers

Craft Projects

Came across this place which utilized old tyres as flower pots for hanging plants and flowers. When grouped together, don’t you think that they look unique and nice? This place also does recycling and leftover plants and food are used for fertilizer. If the tyres are be painted into attractive colours, it can serve as [...]

IKEA PYSSLA Beads- colourful and reasonably priced

Beads, Craft Projects

Going through IKEA, I noticed that they sell a huge jar of beads in assorted colours for only RM25. As usual, there would be explanation and tips on what you can do with their items. The display section on the beads above shows: Left side: The finished product Right side: The raw materials- ie the [...]

Cross Stitch Kits Sold at Shops

Craft Projects

When the cross stitch craze first started decades ago when I was very young, I remembered the cross stitch cloth and the threads specially for cross stitch are very pricey. Today, the price had gone down and I can find cross stitch kits being sold at some gift or stationery shops. Above: Together with the cloth, [...]

How to make a ribbon rose photo frame

Beads, Craft Projects, ribbons

You can add beautiful finishing touches to wooden photo frames by gluing ribbon roses and beads on them. The wooden photo frame below is from Ikea. How to do it: 1.  Use the Uhu glue and glue some ribbons alongside the border covering the 4 angle of the frame. 2.  Then I sew some pink and purple [...]