Playing with Lego or building blocks builds creativity and calm

Craft Projects

Nowadays children are often glued to their electronic devices playing stimulating games or watching videos. The state of mind is not the same between playing video games and involved in a craft project or creating something or building something out of Lego blocks. When we try to build things using blocks, it can help to develop patience and creativity- because we can feel for ourselves how we can make something beautiful from seemingly scattered structures.

It is useful for mind development, to develop calm, to destress and develop creativity.

When my friend went for an operation on her back, she had to spend months recovering in her bedroom. She kept her mind occupied through buying building blocks (similar to Lego) and building complex structures:

You can buy a box with the blocks that contains clear instructions on how to build the structure that you want. After completing the project, it can be used as a home decoration or place at a bookshelf:

They make interesting decoration pieces which you can display in your home or office.

When I asked my friend why she was not glued to her phone all the time like most people, she said she wanted to keep her mind active. She finds herself a little forgetful at times and she does have a family history of Alzheimer…. hence building structures using Lego blocks is known to help improve the mind functions. She said playing games like Candy Crush saga does not work the same way.

For those who cannot afford to buy Lego, there are now many alternative brands available in the market. These building blocks similar to Lego are being sold in night markets:

Building blocks similar to Lego Building blocks similar to Lego

If you have a collection of these items, it would be good to store in a cabinet with glass casing so that you can view and the structures would be protected from dust. If you are buying for kids and there are bits and pieces of them, storage bins would be useful to help keep this items away (related article on Organizing children’s toys in storage bins and as display).

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